Privacy Statement

Effective date: August 3, 2020 Print

Your data on the VAUBOO Platform, in accordance with the present Confidentiality Policy, is the responsibility of the VAUBOO OÜ, a legal entity incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Estonia and registered at Vesivärava tn 50-201, 10152 Tallinn, Estonia (hereinafter referred to as the VAUBOO or the Data Operator).


The Vauboo collects information of three main categories.

The information provided by you to us

2.1.1. Information necessary for the use of the Vauboo Platform. The Vauboo requests and collects the following personal data when you use the Vauboo Platform. This information is necessary to the Vauboo for the proper performance of its contractual obligations to you and for compliance with the legal requirements. Without this information, provision of some services can turn impossible.
    Registration information. During registration of the Vauboo account, certain personal information is requested including your given name and surname, email address, phone number, social media profile, date of birth.
    Announcement information. In order to use some functions of the Vauboo Platform (for example, for the booking or creation of the Announcement), you may be requested to provide additional information, including address, phone number and profile photo.

2.1.2. The information provided by you to us on your own initiative You can provide us with the other personal data of your own free will in order to enhance the interaction with the Vauboo Platform. Such data are processed based on our legal interest or if applicable with your consent.
    Additional profile information You can provide us with the other information for posting in your profile at the Vauboo of your own free will.
    Other information. You can provide the Vauboo with the other information of your own free will when completing the forms and questionnaires, updating or adding the information at the Vauboo Account, when interacting with the technical support team when you share your impressions with the Vauboo, as well as when using other functions of the Vauboo Platform.

2.1.3. Information which can be automatically collected by the Vauboo when using the Vauboo Platform by you.
When you use the Vauboo Platform, the Vauboo automatically collects the personal information about the services used by you and the methods of their use by you. This information is required by the Vauboo for the proper performance of the contractual obligations against you, for compliance with the legal requirements and in relation to the legal intent of the Vauboo to represent and enhance the Vauboo Platform.
    Statistics of use. The Vauboo collects the information on your interaction with the Vauboo Platform, in particular the information on th pages or content viewed by you, requests executed when searching the Announcements and other actions at the Vauboo Platform. When you use our Vauboo Platform, different sets of information are collected including the IP address you are accessing the Vauboo Platform from, the version and type of web browser you are using to access the Vauboo Platform, the operating system used, any referring domains, and time of the request. With this information, we cannot identify individual user's identity and we do not intend to attempt to do so. We use the collected data for statistical purposes only, mainly to help us improve the content, look, and feel of our Vauboo Platform.
    Log data and device information. We automatically collect the event log data and the device information when you use the Vauboo Platform or have access to it. In particular the Vauboo Platform can collect the device information, device events, failure information, software information, data on pages which were viewed before and after the use of the Vauboo Platform.
    Cookie files and similar technologies.
The Vauboo Platform uses cookies to collect data used for statistical purposes, targeting/advertising cookies, essential cookies, performance cookies, functionality cookies. Cookies are small files stored on your computer's hard drive that monitor your activity while using our website, thus providing useful data that would help us make navigation easier. When cookies are stored on your computer, you will not need to enter all the required data to use this website every time you visit. This data allows us to customize our Platform in order to match your specific preferences and needs, and this is part of our effort to give you seamless access to services. If you do not want to have cookies saved on your computer, you can use your browser settings to decline cookies from our Platform. To know how to configure your web browser to manage cookies, please navigate to the help center of the browser you are using. For cookies which are already saved on your computer, you can delete them any time. Please note that disabling cookies might restrict some functions on our website and you may not enjoy a fully streamlined experience.
    Pixels. On the Vauboo Platform, web analytics codes from third parties such as Google and Facebook are installed to obtain data on the interaction of Users with the Vauboo Platform. These data can be used for the rendering services on measuring and showing the measured advertising.

2.2. Children's data
The Vauboo is not intended for the children below 16 and the Vauboo does not collect the personal information about the children below 16 intentionally. If you believe that the Vauboo inappropriately processes the personal information relating to a child, please contact the Vauboo using the information in the Contact Information section below.


The Vauboo may use, store and process the personal information to (1) operate the Vauboo Platform, maintain, analyze, improve and develop it, such as granting access to the Vauboo Platform, customizing user experiences, and providing customer support; (2) ensure security and mutual trust (by complying with legal requirements and enforcing the Vauboo policies), and (3) ensure the operation, personalize, measure the effectiveness of the platform, including advertising and marketing campaign.


4.1. Announcements and other public information

The Vauboo Platform allows to publish information, including personal data for the public view. For example: some sections of the profile, including name, description and city are open for everybody.
Announcement pages are visible to all visitors and shall contain the information about the approximate location of the Accommodation (district and city) or its exact location (with your consent), description of the Announcement, calendar of available dates as well as any other information which you would like to publish.
The information published by you at the Vauboo Platform can be indexed by the third party search engines. In some cases, you can prohibit such indexation in the settings of your Account. If you change settings or public content, search engines will not be able to update their databases and may use outdated information about you from the cache. We do not control the work of the third party search engines

4.2. Service suppliers
The Vauboo Platform uses the services of various third party suppliers ensuring service provision in connection with the Vauboo Platform. Service suppliers can be located both within the European Economic Area ("EEA") and outside of it. In particular our service providers are located in Ukraine. Suppliers can, for instance, provide advertising, marketing, promotion, data collection, error registration and processing services.

4.3. Affiliated persons.
Within the framework of the Vauboo Platform operation ensuring, the Vauboo can provide data, including personal data to other affiliated persons of the Vauboo in common ownership or under common control or otherwise associated.

4.4. Compliance with the legal requirements, response to legal requests, damage prevention and protection of our rights..
The Vauboo may transfer your information, including personal data, to the court, law enforcement, tax and other government agencies or authorized third parties to the extent provided and permitted by law, or if the transfer of this information is reasonably necessary for the following purposes: (i) to comply with legal requirements; (ii) pursuant to a formal legal request or to respond to claims brought against the Vauboo; (iii) to respond to a formal legal request in connection with a criminal investigation or suspected illegal or other activity that could result in legal liability for the Vauboo, you or other users; (iv) to perform and enforce our General Service Conditions; (v) to protect the rights, property or personal safety of the Vauboo, its employees and Users or the public.
The disclosure of information in these cases may be necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another person, or in the legitimate interests of a third party to ensure the security of the Vauboo Platform, prevent harm or crime, exercise or protect legal rights, help collecting taxes or preventing tax fraud or preventing damage.
If necessary, the Vauboo can notify the Users on any similar requests for information in all cases excluding the following ones: (i) there is no procedural requirement for notification or it is prohibited by court order or applicable law; (ii) if there is a reason to believe that the notification will be useless, ineffective, may cause personal injury or physical harm to any person or group of persons, or create or increase the risk of fraud for the property of the Vauboo, its Users and the Vauboo Platform. In cases where the Vauboo fulfills law enforcement requests for information without prior notice to users for the above reasons, the Vauboo has the right to make efforts to notify these users after the execution of the request, if there are no legal obstacles for this and we decide in good faith that we do not see them.


In accordance with the applicable laws, you can exercise any rights described in the present section and granted by the Vauboo. Read about the rights of data subjects and how to submit requests. Please take into account that before execution of the request the Vauboo may ask you to verify your identity and confirm your request.

5.1. Management of your information
You can access your information and change it through your Account settings. You are liable for the maintenance of the relevance of your personal data.

5.2. Correction of inaccuracies or incomplete data
You have the right to ask the Vauboo to correct any incorrect or incomplete personal data if you cannot change it yourself in your Vauboo Account.

5.3. Access to information and its transfer
Some jurisdictions may grant you the right to request certain copies of the personal data the Vauboo holds about you. The Vauboo may also be obliged by law to provide a copy of personal data in a standard, structured and machine-readable form and/or, if technically feasible, transfer this information to another service provider.

5.4. Data storage and deletion
Normally, the Vauboo stores your personal data within the term necessary for the proper performance of contractual obligations against you and for compliance with the requirements of the applicable laws. In some jurisdictions, you can send the request for complete deletion of personal data. Please note that in case of such a request to delete personal data, the following rules apply:
(і) the Vauboo has the right to partially retain your personal data for the legitimate interests of the Vauboo's business, including to combat fraud and improve security. For example, if the Vauboo Account is blocked for fraudulent activity or for security reasons, we may retain certain information from that Account to prevent the User from re-registering with the Vauboo in the future.
(іі) the Vauboo shall have the right to store and use your personal data in the amount necessary for compliance with the legal requirements.
(ііі) Information shared by you with others may remain publicly available on the Vauboo Platform even after your Vauboo Account is deleted, and your credit will be removed. At the same time, any connection of this information with you will be deleted. Some copies of your information (for example, log records) can be stored in our database without any possibility of personal identification.

5.5. Revocation of consent to data processing and prohibition of data processing
If the Vauboo processes your personal information on the basis of your consent, you can revoke your consent to the processing of personal data at any time by changing your Vauboo Account settings or by sending the Vauboo a notice indicating the withdrawn consent.

5.6. Objection to the use of information
The laws of some jurisdictions may give you the right to require from the Vauboo not to use your personal information for certain purposes, even if such use is legal. If you object to such use, the Vauboo will cease using your personal data for these purposes, provided that the Vauboo cannot provide compelling legal evidence that such use is necessary, and provided that such use is necessary to raise claims, exercise rights or legal protection.

5.7. Complaint submission
You have the right to file complaints about the Vauboo's data processing activities by filing a complaint with the Vauboo Data Protection Officer, whose address can be found in the Contact Information section below, and with the supervisory authority.


The Vauboo continually takes and improves administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, destruction or substitution. If you have reason to believe that your Vauboo Account data have been lost, stolen, misappropriated, or otherwise become known to third parties, or in the event of unauthorized use of your Vauboo Account, please contact us using the details specified in the Contact Information section.


The Vauboo reserves the right to make changes in the present Confidentiality Policy at any time in accordance with the present provision. In the event of making changes in the present Confidentiality Policy, the updated Confidentiality Policy shall be published at the Vauboo Platform stating the date of the last update in the upper part of the first page of the Policy. The Vauboo shall also notify you of the changes made by email no less than thirty (30) days before the changes come into effect. If you disagree with the updated Confidentiality Policy you can delete your Account. By not deleting your Account prior to the effective date of the changes and continuing to use the Vauboo Platform, you thereby confirm the acceptance of the updated Confidentiality Policy.


To ask a question or submit a complaint about this Confidentiality Policy or the way the Vauboo processes information, please email us at:[email protected]