Useful information

We distribute relevant and useful information to all Ukrainians affected by the war.

Current conditions for entry into European countries for Ukrainian refugees
We publish the current conditions for entry into different EU countries for Ukrainian refugees as of March 15, 2022
Germany: Important information for refugees from Ukraine
Basic information regarding entry, residence status and organizations to contact for assistance.
Sites to help refugees from Ukraine abroad
Government and volunteer organizations that help find housing, transportation, medicine, and other assistance. The sites also have legal information: documents for crossing the border, conditions of stay, refugee status, etc.
Information for refugees is moving west from Vinnytsia
Information for refugees. If you have passed Vinnytsia and are moving west to Khmelnytsky or southwest to Chernivtsi.
What to do after crossing the border of Ukraine - an algorithm.
Three options for crossing the Ukrainian border
Parents and children
List of resources to help parents and children
Medical and psychological assistance
List of resources providing medical and psychological assistancea
Help chats for citizens of Ukraine in European countries
Useful telegram channels to help Ukrainian citizens in European countries
Moving within Ukraine and abroad
List of useful services and telegrams of channels for moving within Ukraine and abroad
List of countries that made free railway travel for Ukrainians
In order to take advantage of the offer in most countries, it is enough to present a Ukrainian passport.