What to do after crossing the border of Ukraine - an algorithm.

There are three options for Ukrainian citizens now:

1. The right to legally stay up to 90 days in EU countries. Institutions recommend that you do not rush to apply for asylum if you have a place to stay and financial means.

2. The mechanism of temporary protection, designed to reduce bureaucratic procedures to a minimum and speed up the process (specify depending on the country) provides:

- Obtaining a 1-year residence permit for the period of temporary protection.
- Access to work. There is no requirement for 6 months in this case.
- Access to education. Children under the age of 18 have the right to study in educational institutions on a par with the citizens of the host country.
- Provision of housing (settling in the center or providing livelihoods);
- Access to social security and medicine;
- Opportunity to obtain refugee status in the future.

3. Refugee status (only in the country whose border you crossed).

Where to apply for refugee status?
- At the entrance to the country. Notify the Border Guard Officer.
- If there are long queues at the border crossing point, ask where to find the nearest Border Guard Service.

Important to know:
1. The process of obtaining refugee status can take about 6 months on average. During this period, you must submit your passport to the appropriate institutions.
2. He shall not be entitled to work for the first six months after the submission of the application. If you have not been granted refugee status for 6 months, you have the right to obtain a work permit.

Refugee status guarantees:
- Residence permit, which will be valid for at least 3 years.
- Special document for travel between EU countries.
- The right to employment and education.
- The right to recognition of Ukrainian diplomas.
- The right to social security and medical services.