Hotel complex Kseniya


Ksenia is an excellent choice for those who want to recuperate. The location is well known for its proximity to great restaurants and attractions. Living in Ksenia, you can easily see all the best that Kamyanets-Podolsky has to offer. Rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs and air conditioning, and guests can be online at any time thanks to the free Wi-Fi offered by the small hotel. Ksenia offers concierge and room service to make your stay even more enjoyable. There is also a swimming pool and restaurant. Those who come to Ksenia by car can use the free parking.

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  • Hotel complex Kseniya - Standard
    Hotel complex Kseniya - Standard


      Breakfast not included
    • 1 Large bed (King size) / 151-180 cm wide

    Standard room for 2 to 4 people with the best combination of comfort and price.

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  • No smoking

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Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

Horrible experience in one of the nicest cities in Ukraine

Aug 23, 2016

Xenia hotel tried since the very beginning to make our stay miserable and succeeded. CLEANLINESS On arrival, after passing through the seemingly spotless reception, I came to realize that the floor of my room was dirty (wasn't washed after the previous guests), so were the stairs leading to it. The working desk was dirty as well. After my call, few minutes later a cleaner came yet to the wrong room, so I had to direct her from the corridor [do never accept rooms that start by 4X, they're basically in a barrack or a former barn]. In my room I had a disgusting painting of a nude woman posturing on the wall, I removed it. Vulgar and tasteless. INTERNET Second, after the cleanliness, Internet in this hotel didn't work AT ALL! It only worked at the reception and near the administration and that's it. I was shown many rooms and in neither of them was able to connect. BREAKFAST Third, the so called breakfast was one of the most horrible experiences I ever had at a hotel. Firstly, it operates only till 10 AM so good luck with getting any rest if you're here on vacation, while opening at 8:00 which is still too late for people leaving early or for work. Truth is, they start removing the food already at 09:30 and won't bring it back unless you shout or tell them specifically what's missing. Eventhough it's a buffet, there is a woman stands next to you saying "you can take only one mini sausage"! The second room where i was moved due to poor internet connectivity was dump and again the bathroom wasn't clean. No word of internet either. It was ridden with mosquitoes such as the rest of the hotel and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Finally, to top it all, on our last day they started drilling works in the hotel at 10 AM meaning it was impossible to sleep (we decided to skip the breakfast and finally get some sleep). All in all, even if this is Ukraine - a fairly clean country no matter the price range - this experience reminded me of my strolls of Nepal or Africa where nothing seems to work and nobody seems to bother. Everything that could go wrong at this hotel in fact did and the staff is helpless in resolving the issue. They're living "по накату" as we'd say in Russian. AVOID. Remote location The only positive thing but which could be negative at the same time is the proximity to the fortress. Then again, it's a 30 walk into town and marshrutkas don't run that frequently, so see for yourself. Good covers although linen is on naked mattress. Store working till 22:00 near the hotel.
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